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Browse our comprehensive library and resources list for information on parenting, relationships, education system, social and emotional support, the criminal justice system and police services, child welfare and more.

Our Resources Library

Parenting Resources & Information

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information on healthy attachment, baby wellness, divorce and separation, parenting teens and more.

Education System & Child Care

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information on preparing your child for kindergarten, working with teachers and administrators, understanding the Individual Education Plan, addressing classroom behaviours, advocating for your child and more.

Child Welfare, Adoption & Kin Care

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources on navigating the child welfare system, advocating for your needs, and access to resources to support adoptive parents and kin caregivers.

Mental Health & Support

Peruse our articles, videos, and resources for information on understanding mental wellness, accessing third party supports, understanding diagnosis, distinguishing between types of therapeutic support, and more.

Video Library

We offer informative and educational videos that address and explore parenting, navigating resources, addressing mental health concerns, enhancing co-parenting relationships, building generational wealth and so much more. Each month, we showcase LIVE interactive workshops for you to join and participate in. Our expert professionals provide a wealth of information, tips and strategies designed to enhance your parenting and family’s well being. We also provide videos-on-demand on our You tube channel and specialized playlists.


Mental Health

Healthy Relationships

Building Generational Wealth

Building Resilience in the Family

Parenting Series: Your Kids are not Lazy!

Promoting healthy families, better life outcomes and opportunities, and holistic mental wellness

Navigation and Resource Information

Through Kujenga, we are proud to offer support to parents navigating resources in their community, and to access the information they require on a variety of topics.

For more information, or to access individualized support visit us at: 437-500-3496

Improving Navigation

Youth Justice Programs

Listen to our educational workshop on navigating the youth justice system, learn about community resources and navigation,

Healthy Relationships

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information

Youth Empowerment Programs

Peruse our videos on empowering our youth to develop their careers, increase financial literacy, apply for scholarships and more. Learn about community programs designed to assist youth with finding employment, mentorship opportunities, and volunteer programs.

Equity Initiatives

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information

Building community through connecting our community members with professionals, articles, information, and direct linkage to address areas such as: mental health, education, physical and medical wellness, police and the criminal justice system, community resources, and more.

Need assistance finding information? Contact us at:

Upcoming Workshops and Program

Review our upcoming programs and workshops directly on our Eventbrite page or Facebook. All of our programs are offered for free. See our past and present workshops.

Online Learning Portal

Join our free learning portal which provides you access to past workshops, tools and information on a range of topics and information. Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Neao Learning Centre

The online learning portal provides a comprehensive parenting webinars, informational resources, and expert-led training designed to enrich your experiences and your well being.

Articles and Blog Posts

We provide a host of information and resources available to access at any time, with information designed to best support your family’s wellbeing.

Financial Supports

the pandemic has had an impact on our lives, and economic recovery. Learn more about our initiatives.

Navigating the Child Welfare System

One Vision One Voice published the guide to support Black community members who may come in contact with the Society and provide the resources to build their capacity to navigate the system.

Diversity in Durham Region

Durham Region represents a diverse community, and highest population growth of diverse people.

Supporting Women’s Health

Kujenga showcases community members such as, Mommy Monitor is a podcast featuring Cecile Edwards and Womxn of Color Remake Wellness.

Adopt a Family Program

The Adopt a Family program was a new initiative started by Kujenga to support families in need during the Holiday season. The program closed with a final dinner on December 18, 2021 for the families who received support, and the Kujenga community. The Kujenga team, led by Danika, John Jack [Program Coordinator/Family Outreach Lead], and […]

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