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Kujenga Wellness Project

We have developed educational videos & resources to help you get the support you need.

Browse our comprehensive library and resources list for information on parenting, relationships, education system, social and emotional support, the criminal justice system and police services, child welfare and more.

Featured Video: Building Generational Wealth: RichHer presents Financial Literacy. Change your mindset from LACK, to promise.

Our Resources Library

Parenting Resources & Information

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information on healthy attachment, baby wellness, divorce and separation, parenting teens and more.

Education System & Child Care

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information on preparing your child for kindergarten, working with teachers and administrators, understanding the Individual Education Plan, addressing classroom behaviours, advocating for your child and more.

Child Welfare, Adoption & Kin Care

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources on navigating the child welfare system, advocating for your needs, and access to resources to support adoptive parents and kin caregivers.

Mental Health & Support

Peruse our articles, videos, and resources for information on understanding mental wellness, accessing third party supports, understanding diagnosis, distinguishing between types of therapeutic support, and more.

Promoting healthy families, better life outcomes and opportunities, and holistic mental wellness

Improving Navigation

Youth Justice Programs

Listen to our educational workshop on navigating the youth justice system, learn about community resources and navigation,

Healthy Relationships

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information

Youth Empowerment Programs

Peruse our videos on empowering our youth to develop their careers, increase financial literacy, apply for scholarships and more. Learn about community programs designed to assist youth with finding employment, mentorship opportunities, and volunteer programs.

Equity Initiatives

Peruse our videos, articles, and resources for information

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