Family Outreach Support

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Supporting Families. Building Resiliency. Instilling Hope.

As Black families, parents, caregivers and guardians know that they wish for their family to remain successful, happy, and at peace. We want to create healthy spaces for our children, for our grandchildren, and our community children to know they are loved, they are valuable, and are worthy.

In today’s society, the statistics tell us that the outcomes for Black youth and families are disproportionately worse than other families. We know that systemic racism, trauma, and poverty are some of the factors that can create barriers to our families’ wellbeing.

Let us help you build a stronger family.

Consider Kujenga Wellness Project to support you as you continue on your journey to build a healthy family, and uplift our community.

Outreach services

Family Conflict

Experiencing a challenge in your family system? Sometimes family conflict and disagreement can impact your families’ stability. We can help. Our wellness staff can help determine the underlying issues, and help you develop a plan toward healing and reunification. Contact us for support.

Infusing Self-Care & Healing

At times, we struggle with feeling alone and disconnected from others in our lives. As parents, guardians and caregivers you may focus your energies on your family and neglect your own personal needs and to create a healthy balance in your life.

Child Welfare Involvement

Are you involved with child welfare? Did a child welfare worker contact you recently? Contact us for support. We can help you to identify areas of strengths and needs in your family, and to communicate your needs to the child welfare worker. We can also provide you strategies to heal from a difficult visit with the child welfare worker.

Specialized Referrals

We are connected to a larger community and social village. Looking for specialized supports for your family? Contact us for more information and linkage to community resources,

Emergency Support

Healthy Organic Meals

Food Baskets

We are pleased to offer organic food delivery for families. Contact us for more information and to register.

Mental Health Support

Counselling & Psychotherapy

We are pleased to provide referrals to clinicians and programs offering no-cost counselling for families, youth, and adults in need.

Emergency Meal Support

Food Gift Cards

We are pleased to offer food gift cards of $100 & more for families in need of an additional amount of groceries for their family, or to make ends meet.

Christmas Package

Gift Cards & Packages

We are pleased to offer gift cards & packages for families in need. Contact us for more information and express your need.

Building Community. Promoting Healing

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