Restoration Co-Parenting Program

Our Program 

Kujenga Restoration Co-Parenting Program is a 10-12 week support group that focuses upon helping families heal after impacted by separation, divorce, child welfare, trauma, and family conflict.

The program focuses upon helping parents, guardians and caregivers how to create and support a healthy environment for children, and youth, as well as managing the conflict or trauma that the family may experience.



·      Navigating  issues of race and inequality in co-parenting relationships

·      Communication in co-parenting relationships (Consistency in messaging, discipline etc.)

·      Navigating blended families

·      Child’s mental health

·      Child’s perspective of co-parenting relationships (How children feel about divorce/separation, talking to your child about difficult situations)

·      Navigating co-parenting plans/routines and the pandemic

·      Incarceration

·      Emotional Intelligence

·      Anger management and  conflict resolution

·      Navigating relationships with other caregivers (non-parents eg, grandparents, foster parents etc.) 

·      Self care and pursuing your dreams as a co parent


Our Approach 


Separations can influence the family's rhythm of love but it does not have to define the family's future. Take the next step towards healing. 

Groups are 10- 12 weeks, held on a biweekly basis

Groups are remote (via a closed group on ZOOM)

Groups occur for 2 hours

In-person groups will start (April 2022)

Parents, caregivers & guardians are able to receive individualized support when needed.

Certificates & Completion Letter is provided


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Kujenga Wellness Project is a community organization that supports Black community members, families, parents, and youth.

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