Peer to Peer Mentoring

Our peer to peer mentoring program connects parents, guardians, and caregivers with supportive, trained mentors on a short or long-term basis. 

Many parents have shared feelings of social isolation and lack a sense of belonging in their community. They struggle with navigating systems such as education, child welfare and police, which are rooted in systemic oppression. Further, caregivers and guardians may not have knowledge about resources they can access to support their children and their family. Our peer mentorship program is designed to support parents, caregivers and guardians to address these concerns.

Short Term

Meet with a peer to peer mentor to support with an issue or a problem you are currently experiencing. The mentor will assist you to develop a solution, and follow up with you in the course of action. The mentor can provide support to access our systems navigation line.

Long Term

Some relationships may continue for a longer time or a lifetime. Connect with a mentor on a weekly or monthly basis to provide you support, or just to talk.

The Mentee Becomes Mentor

Give back! Have time? Consider becoming a peer to peer mentor.


Learn more and become a mentor today!

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Kujenga Wellness Project is a community organization that supports Black community members, families, parents, and youth.

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