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Black Youth Helpline

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Contact: 416-285-9944

Toll Free : 1-833-294-8650.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Black Youth Helpline

What is Black Youth Helpline?

Black Youth Helpline is a National Helpline for Canadian Youth and Families, focusing on primary prevention to help youth grow into productive adults. Their mission is to provide primary prevention of social and psychological breakdown in communities, through a focus on education, health, and community development. There is a specific emphasis on serving Black communities across Canada. 

Who can access this service?

Black Youth Helpline is created by youth, for youth, but parents and children can also use the service. 

How do people access your services?

They can contact us by: Calling 416-285-9944, or Toll Free at 1-833-294-8650. They can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the “contact me” section on the website!

Is there a cost to access the service?

No, the services are cost-free. 

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What kind of programs do you deliver?

There are many different programs and services offered by Black Youth Helpline.

A main program delivered is the Multicultural Youth Helpline & Services, which serves as the point of contact for calls to our professional services for youth, families, school districts and a variety of youth serving stakeholders. 

Black Youth Helpline also provides professional and culturally relevant youth and family assessments and interventions. BYH does an initial intake and then a professional assessment, which helps identify root causes of issues and challenges. After that, a support plan is developed to address the various issues discussed. 

Black Youth Helpline also has various Stay-In-School Initiatives that focus on helping youth remain and succeed in school and support schools in addressing the needs of diverse student populations. In addition, the Stay-In-School Initiative assists in building healthy relationships between schools, families, and communities. 

Parent and Family Support is another service provided that helps families understand the challenges confronting their children, youth, and family. This support program provides coaching, health counselling, parental guidance, community school consultations, and women’s development.

And finally, Black Youth Helpline provides referral assistance by referring to appropriate mainstream health and related services, with a focus on pre-crisis support and early intervention. 

What are some issues particular to Ontario?

In Ontario, issues are extremely complex. Some of the specific challenges include the lack of culturally relevant school-based supports, significant mental health stresses and problems, and extreme barriers to professional services before situations become more dire. 

Is there a waitlist for your program?

There may be a slight delay in responding to calls and messages, but the Black Youth Helpline team works diligently to ensure that folks do not have to wait to receive services. 



With thanks

The Kujenga Wellness Project


Kujenga would like to thank Black Youth Helpline for all that they do for the community with regard to intervention, early prevention, and system navigation. 

Kujenga Wellness Project supports the Black youth helpline support families in Canada
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