Kujenga hosts monthly workshops designed to provide parents valuable information to support their families.  The workshops occur in live webinars, online videos, and in-person.  Many workshops feature guest presenters who are subject matter experts in a particular field.  Our educational workshops may also include an online course that may help to deepen learning for parents seeking additional guidance and information.

Some of our webinars include: navigating the education system, supporting children with special needs, building a child's healthy attachment, healthy relationships, co-parenting support, and so much more.



Supporting Families. Building Resiliency. Instilling Hope. 

As Black families, parents, caregivers and guardians know that they wish for their family to remain successful, happy, and at peace. We want to create healthy spaces for our children, for our grandchildren, and our community children to know they are loved, they are valuable, and are worthy.

In today’s society, the statistics tell us that the outcomes for Black youth and families are disproportionately worse than other families. We know that systemic racism, trauma, and poverty are some of the factors that can create barriers to our families’ wellbeing.

Let us help you build a stronger family.

Consider Kujenga Wellness Project to support you as you continue on your journey to build a healthy family, and uplift our community.



Building families impacted by conflict, child welfare, and trauma. Our group program provides support to Black parents seeking to rebuild their families, and learn healthy strategies to manage the situation, support their children, and develop insight into creating harmony and peace. As parents, caregivers and guardians, we encourage each other, hold each other accountable for change, and inspire each other to build community that sustains generations.



Kujenga holds quarterly small group support groups designed to provide guidance, community, and hope for parents experiencing a difficult time or wishing to connect with others.  Many of our support groups are facilitated by a community member or psychotherapist skilled in a particular area.  Groups operate for 6-8 weeks, and may occur online or in-person.  Some of our support groups included: supporting children with behaviourial needs, co-parenting and family support, Queen's Unite, Men's Support Group, navigating grief, and emotional regulation.


If you are seeking support in your life or in your family, we are here to help!

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Kujenga Wellness Project is a community organization that supports Black community members, families, parents, and youth.

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