Trained Counsellors

A counsellor possesses an unique ability to listen with empathy, assess risk and convey concern, and support you in moving forward at your pace. 

The Kujali Line is staffed by trained counsellors who provide support to families seeking guidance. The counsellors receive training in understanding the unique needs of Black families, as well as the intersections of identity, gender, age, immigration status, and more. There is no cost for this service.


Solution-Focused Approach

The counsellors use a brief, goal oriented approach to assisting parents, caregivers and guardians to identity and assess: what is the issue or support they require? what would help to improve the situation? what resources exist to do so.

The Role of the Counsellor

  • Provide active and supporting listening to validate and reflect your needs.
  • To provide referrals to appropriate resources in the community
  • To suggest wellness interventions which may assist families address challenges in a holistic manner.
  • To advocate for culturally-informed and relevant services for Black families.

Our Values and Principles

  • To practice cultural humility
  • To use an anti-oppressive practice
  • To remain strength-based approach to supporting families
  • To understand the impact of trauma
  • To remain professional and uphold ethical values
  • To ensure confidentiality



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Kujenga Wellness Project is a community organization that supports Black community members, families, parents, and youth.

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