Kujenga seeks to Build strong families, promoting healing, cultivating community connections, and engaging in holistic teaching.


Providing informative and educational workshops that guide parents, caregivers and guardians. To create safe places to discuss issues and challenges that impact the Black community and parenting role.

Parenting Support

Kujenga works with and supports parents to enhance their role. Our organization provides support groups, one on one coaching, and advocacy within the community.

Co-parenting Support

Kujenga has supportive teaching and mentoring groups designed to promote co parenting and building a strong community village.

Community Navigation & Support

Kujenga supports parents with accessing community resources, mental health supports, legal and financial services and other resources they require for their families. We understand how systemic racism can impact employment rates, housing and food securities, navigating educational systems and financial support for higher education. Our project coordinator will work with you around enhancing your capacity to meet your family’s need in a strength-based lens.

Family Outreach

Kujenga is providing outreach and support to families in direct need of immediate resources and support.

Webinars & Community-Based Resources

Access our growing pre-recorded webinars on a range of topics that may be of interest to you and your family.

Subscribe to our You Tube Page: Kujenga Family Wellness Project

At Kujenga, we strive to build our community foundation, promote holistic teaching and education, and promote mental wellness and healing from trauma.

To learn more about how Kujenga can support your family and yourself, contact us at:

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