Health and Wellness

Building resilience in your family's health is a collaborative effort and in a holistic way. Our team explored the risks to family's wellness such as:

  • Health risks
  • Mental health concerns
  • Anti-Black racism
  • Systemic oppression
  • School difficulties

Black people are highly susceptible to physical ailments such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and immune difficulties. This can impact financial and employment stability within the household, as well as contribute to heightened concerns around wellness. Workshop leader Shelly Laforest, discusses how we can manage our physical wellness and maintain a healthy family.

In the next segment, Melissa Perryman [educator] shares tips and suggestions on supporting your child in education and preparing for the end of the school year. This session is followed by a fuller discussion by Melissa Perryman, and Equity Leader, Keishia Facey on guiding parents with navigating the educational system.

Kujenga's co-founder Nicole Perryman, explores how our mental health is shaped and reviewed strategies on how to navigate mental health for the family. The building resiliency in mental health is a monthly showcase at Kujenga, which features multiple aspects of mental health field, and how families can building resiliency by improving skills and adapting new strategies. 

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