Black Family Support Line

Looking for resources to support your family and your role as a parent. Kujenga Family Wellness Project is proud to introduce the Kujali Black Family Support Line

Kujali (caring) Black Family Support Line is a FREE telephone support line that provides guidance, advocacy, and access to community resources. Our supportive peer mentors and trained counsellors will respond to your inquiries, connect you with community-based resources, and address your concerns and needs.

Need a listening ear? Not sure how to respond to challenges that may exist in your family? Addressing a crisis in your family and need guidance?

Trained Counsellors

Black Family Support Line will connect you with trained counsellors, who are solution-focused and geared to support you to create a plan that addresses the challenges you may experience.

We are connected with many community organizations that can provide specialized assistance with a challenge you may experience.

Examples include: accessing supports in criminal justice, mental health, addictions, and more

Peer to Peer Mentoring

Our Peer to Peer Mentoring consists parents, guardians, and caregivers with someone who may have similar experience and can provide invaluable support. This may occur on one occasion, or support a longer term relationship over time.

Navigation Systems Approach

We all know that finding resources and where to go to help can be difficult and challenging for us. Our navigation systems approach is to assist you from your initial call to your engagement with the community resources. We assist with providing “soft transfers”, which consist of our team contacting the resource, sharing your needs and discussing services that will assist your family, and host a conference to connect you with the community resource. In addition, we will contact you to ensure you receive the support you need and it meets your expectations.

We have achieved SIX months!

The Kujali Line started in March 2021 after an initial brief family outreach program. After the family outreach program completed, we started the Kujali Line to provide virtual and in-person support to families. Since the line’s inception, our trained counsellors have supported over 30 families with multiple issues and challenges. Review our semi-annual report and provide your feedback!

Kujali (caring) is how we describe our Black family support system. We are caring. We want to see you and your family build and grow, and we are committed to supporting you.

Our family wellness support is geared for Black families, but what is a Black family? Whom is included? The difference is our focus and understanding of anti-Black racism, systemic oppression, and trauma inherent in the Black community. However, if you want/need support from this lens. Contact us.

Reach out to us

Our office hours are 10 am to 6 pm where we can respond to your immediate concerns.

Our emails and phone lines are monitored 24/7 after hours, and will respond to your inquiries within the same day.

Email me at or contact us: 437-500-3496.

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