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Learning about our upcoming events.

Listening Circles

Join us for our listening circles: Let’s talk Cafe, to give you an opportunity to share your experiences, and guide our intervention

Welcome to Kujenga!

Learn about our project, and share your thoughts and experiences which will help guide our interventions and support.

Parenting & Care-giving

What is wellness for your family? What more will you need to improve your family’s outcomes? What barriers do you experience? Explore with us your experiences in parenting and care giving, and what features will improve your outcomes.

Black Women

Join us as we discuss the experiences of Black women, discuss the challenges that Black women experiences, and how we can move forward to achieve our best outcomes.

Child welfare & families

Engaged with the child welfare, interested in learning more about kin and foster families? Join our listening circles, and share your experiences and learn from other parents.

“For Men Only”

Our Listening Circle addresses the experiences of Black men, For so long, their voices have been ignored or disregarded. Explore with us as we discuss key themes in the experiences of Black males.

Mental Health

What is wellness for you and your family? What supports would be helpful to achieve wellness? What barriers exist to your wellness? Explore with us the key experiences for Black families, and your solutions for addressing the need.

Youth Experiences

We are interested in hearing your stories, the struggles and successes. Come join our listening circle to share and learn from other youth

Navigating the criminal justice experience

Have a youth or family member involved with the criminal justice system? Join our listening circle and share your experiences.

Enroll in one of our Listening Circles: Let’s Talk Cafe. Every Wednesday in August. Register Today

Upcoming Webinars

Understanding your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP)

When your child is identified with an exceptionality, understanding your child’s individual educational plan (IEP), and attending the planning meeting may seem complicated and confusing. Join us as we discuss the essentials of this process, your rights as a parent, and how to advocate for your child’s educational outcomes.

Planning for Post -Secondary School, Colleges, University & Trades

Planning for your child’s post-secondary plans can begin in grade 8 or later. Join us as we discuss planning for your child’s education and explore topics such as streaming in high school, options for post secondary, mentor ship, and applying for scholarships.

Kujenga Wellness Project is hosting a range of support groups with 3 to 12 members based on specific topics, such as: Partner Abuse Response Programs, Anger Management, Intimate Partner Violence, Grief/ Loss, Racial Trauma, SNAP parenting groups, and parenting programs.

Learn more at: info@kujengafamily.org

Seeking to connect with an empowerment group? We facilitate women and men groups, and a host of youth specific groups.

Queen’s Unite… A supportive group for Black women & allies to explore parenting, relationships, mental health, sexuality, wellness and more.

To learn more about our support groups visit:

and Ifarada: Center for Excellence

Kujenga Events Calendar

For more information, Register Online or by email: info@kujengafamily.org

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