Call for Proposals

Join our team as a consultant, advisor and project lead.

Join our team

Our team is looking for you! We are seeking consultants who can provide support and consultation to our team as we grow our organization, and reach our community. To learn more review our: Call for Proposals

The Kujenga Wellness Project, in collaboration with organizations is seeking consultants who can assist the organization with transitioning to the next stage. Submit your proposal to guide our organization, with your fees and time commitment.

Our Needs:

  • Deliver a 3-day leadership course (online) in synchronous focusing on organizational development, risk assessment and management, accountability and leadership.
  • Deliver an intermediate -level, 3 day course in anti-Black racism, addressing and implementing systemic change, and programming for Black families, youth, and community members (in-person)
  • Engage in 6 hour coaching meetings (held virtually) for the team.

Interested candidates can provide a proposal to provide one or all of the required needs from September 2021 to January 2022.

Event Planning:

Kujenga and associated organizations is seeking event planners for upcoming events hosted in the community. If you have experience planning events, is organized and can lead a team of committee members this is a role for you. Meet with our event planning team on a bi-weekly basis, secure venues and vendors for events, engage with elders and seniors, and recruit cultural performers. Maintain the budget and suggest grant opportunities for the event. Finally, recruit and advertise the event in media platforms and outlets, raise awareness of the event, and generate media interests.

Structure of Proposal

The following is a suggested proposal for contractors.

Cover letter and resume? Do you work with partners? Are you working alone?
What your experience or expertise in the field? What are your credentials?
References? Your fees? Contract fees and expectations? Additional costs?
Name of course/plan? Suggested work plan? Topics reviewed in the course? Method of reaching the organization?
Social media plan or marketing objectives? Current audience? Plan to extend audience and group?

Submit your proposal today

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