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Resources to support mental health and improve individual outcomes.

There are immediate resources available for mental health support that uses a structured approach with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavior therapy focuses on understanding and challenging unhelpful thinking. The approach helps people to improve how they manage their emotions and respond to triggers. CBT also helps people to develop coping strategies to help them address problems they encounter.

Inkblot therapy is a mental health resource developed by Green Shield.

This program was developed as affordable support that allows people to access resources from the comfort of their own homes.

AbilitiCBT is a platform that provides access to the CBT program.

The Ontario government-sponsored platform helps users to understand and change how they feel, think and behave. The program focuses on helping people address the anxiety they may experience and helps them manage the uncertainty and changes that occurred due to the aspects.

Equity experts and mental health practitioners who work with the Black population have developed resources specifically for the Caribbean and African people who require a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Approach to healing and changing their experiences. Learn more by watching our short video about CBT,

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy with Caribbean People [An Overview]

Additional Resources about mental health

Accessing Specialized Mental Health Resources

When your mental health requires specialized treatment or intervention, it is important to seek support immediately. Everyone has experienced periods of un-wellness within their lives, and while there is stigma about accessing support there is no shame in seeking support for your mental health. Anyone can access specialized mental health resources at anytime, but if […]

Accessing Mental Health Supports

In Ontario, mental health supports are widely available in multiple supports & avenues. Understanding what services are available is key to learning how to find the best services for you, your children and your family. Your mental health is an important part of your physical well-being. Mental health ranges on a spectrum, from well (if […]

Wellness Strategies for Success

Looking to learn strategies for wellness. Feeling the weight of worry, anxiety, sadness, pressure and stress? Try one of our strategies. Practice Movement Move your body: walk, exercise, stretch, dance, yoga  Talk to your medical professional Read a new or favourite book  Watch an inspiring or favourite childhood movie  Do something special for someone  Reconnect […]

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