Kujenga Wellness

Our First Year

In June 2021, the Kujenga Family Wellness Project completed their first year of providing service to Durham Region. Our outreach and support in the community was expansive, and we are excited to share our results with you. To learn more about our programming and services, contact us at: info@kujengafamily.org

Our Outreach

Our Reach: 1500 people

Since 2020, our organization has surpassed our engagement to over 1500 people. We have reached our community through informative workshops, family outreach, and social media campaigns.

60 +

Parents, caregivers and guardians received fresh food deliveries, $200-600 gift cards, and winter clothing.

1000 +

We hosted over 20 volunteers who contributed over 1,000 hours of volunteer work to Kujenga.


Children of these families benefited from school supplies, clothing, Christmas gifts and decor, and tech equipment.

1000 +

Attendees to our 26 workshops held throughout the year on topics such as mental health, financial wealth, and parenting.

55 +

Parents, caregivers and guardians who have contacted the Kujali Black Family Support Line or the Family Outreach program


We have posted 45 videos and YouTube, and created over 12 learning modules


Followers on the website, facebook, instagram and YouTube


Community events attended by our core members, such as Together We Are (2), OTF (1), Black Queens of Durham Region (1), and more

Our Activities

At Kujenga, we provided educational webinars and discussions about issues and topics that mattered to you the most. We hosted support groups for women, and explored our healing, empowerment and resilience. We started a Kujali, Black Family Support Line that provides immediate support, navigation, and counselling services to families. We gifted many families with gift cards, clothing donation, and food to prepare them for the winter and return to school in 2021. We advocated for the rights of our children and youth, our vulnerable community members, and against anti-Black racism.

Our Feedback

Coming Soon!

Strategic Planning for 2021- 2022

New Webinars! Each month, we continue to provide online educational webinars pertaining to parenting, building generational wealth, mental health and more.

Kujali, Black Family Support Line is our online, virtual telephone resource designed to support families navigate resources and information, address family challenges, and mentoring support.

Access our free Support Groups and Online Educational School that provides access to our webinars, additional resources, and certificates of completion and more.

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