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Know your culture

Did you know the core members represent the Caribbean Islands? Can you guess which island Anada, Tasia and Nicole were nurtured!

Culture is a significant part of our history, our identity, and our roots. Many of our programs highlight the importance of representation, roots, and identity.

For Us, By Us

posts created by Ms. Tasia Richards, Communications Director

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Financial Supports

the pandemic has had an impact on our lives, and economic recovery. Learn more about our initiatives.

Navigating the Child Welfare System

One Vision One Voice published the guide to support Black community members who may come in contact with the Society and provide the resources to build their capacity to navigate the system.

Supporting Women’s Health

Kujenga showcases community members such as, Mommy Monitor is a podcast featuring Cecile Edwards and Womxn of Color Remake Wellness.

Adopt a Family Program

The Adopt a Family program was a new initiative started by Kujenga to support families in need during the Holiday season. The program closed with a final dinner on December 18, 2021 for the families who received support, and the Kujenga community. The Kujenga team, led by Danika, John Jack [Program Coordinator/Family Outreach Lead], and […]

Our First Year

In June 2021, the Kujenga Family Wellness Project completed their first year of providing service to Durham Region. Our outreach and support in the community was expansive, and we are excited to share our results with you. To learn more about our programming and services, contact us at: Our Outreach Our Reach: 1500 people […]

Kujali Family Support Line Feedback Results

The Kujali Black Family Support Line officially began in March 2021. The line is offered to individuals and families seeking support in addressing challenges in their families and within the system. The Line offers: 1. Supportive Counselling, 2. Peer to Peer Mentoring, 3. Resource Navigation. The line staff offer a culturally-informed approach that focuses on […]

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