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Peer Mentor Application

Kujenga Wellness Project, Ifarada: Centre for Excellence, Durham District School Board, and Side by Side Family Services have collaborated in creating a systems navigation line to provide support, resources, and referrals for individuals within the community. This navigation line will be the first point of contact for individuals within Durham who are seeking additional resources to help with issues such as mental health, addictions, child welfare systems, settlement, homelessness, and more.

Consider becoming a peer support mentor and join our team.

What is the Kujali Support Line?

The purpose of the navigation line is to reduce feelings of isolation in the community by providing community members with peer-to-peer support and soft-transfers to community resources. It is through establishing this navigation line that we hope to promote equity for Black families and empower them to navigate institutional system.

Why you are the perfect peer mentor?

You are willing to support the community build, grow and heal.

You connect well with others, and have valuable experiences to share..

You have mentored or counselled parents, guardians and caregivers in the past.

You have a passion to help others.

Peer to Peer Mentors: Reducing isolation in our community

  • As a peer to peer mentor, you support parents, caregivers and their guardians through their experiences and raising their children. Your connection with parents can be a long or short term relationship, depending on the need.
  • Attend a six hour preparation training offered independently through modules and an online workshops. Gain access to information and resources which will help you in your role. Meet with our team on a regular basis for coaching sessions.
  • Provide referrals to appropriate resources, both within Kujenga Wellness Project and externally within the community, and provide resources to support wellness around numerous issues (education system, child welfare, social services, financial support, etc.). 

Join our team as a peer mentor

Applying to become a peer mentor is the first step! The rest is easy from here. Supporting other parents, guardians and caregivers will help to enhance your experiences.

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