Family Wellness

Black Youth Space

Kujenga Wellness Project, Nicole Perryman collaborated with the Black Youth Space to support their parent session. The sessions were geared to supporting parents with their role, seeking supports, and ensuring they invest in their wellness and health.

Black Youth Space is hosted by the Urban Alliance on Race Relations. The Urban Alliance on Race Relations is a non-profit charitable organization that works primarily and proactively with the community, public and private sectors to provide educational programs and research, which are critical in addressing racism in society (see website for further details).

The Black Youth Space is working on nine projects currently to support the community. To learn more see: Urban Alliance Projects.

Black Youth Space: Kujenga Wellness Project (Parent Session Videos)

Black Youth Services: Black Moms and Self-Care

Black Youth Space: Black Family Wellness

Kujenga Builds Families

Kujenga is a Black-led grassroots project designed to initiate supportive community resources for children, youth, adults and families in Durham Region. We strive to build our community foundation, promote holistic teaching and education, and promote mental wellness and healing from trauma. We support families with holistic teaching (educational workshops), support groups and counselling to promote healing, and building community through navigation systems and family outreach support. Connect with us.

Learn more about community organizations with our community showcase

Community Showcase

Community Showcase is a weekly VIDEO or article showcasing Black or community organization that may benefit Black parents, caregivers and guardians. The Community Showcase will replace our SPRING 2021 Wellness Fair, and will provide both resources and information about organizations in the Durham Region. The project will begin in January 2021. To learn more, or […]

Black Community Resources

Black people in Canada have diverse backgrounds and experiences. While some can trace their roots in Canada for many generations, others have immigrated in recent decades. They have contributed in many ways to the growth, diversity and development of Canada. Over 20 years, the black population of Canada has doubled in size, going from 573 […]

Building Community through the Let’s Talk Cafe

Our first activity, began with the Let’s Talk Cafe. It was an opportunity for us to present the project, and hear from your perspective about the issues that impact your lives. It is also an opportunity for us to grow as an initiative, and infuse interventions which resonate with you. Learn more about the Let’s […]

Black Youth Helpline

Contact: 416-285-9944 Toll Free : 1-833-294-8650. Email: Community Showcase The community showcase is a venture developed by the Kujenga team to highlight resources available to support parents, guardians and caregivers. Building Community Holistic Teaching Promoting Healing Black Youth Helpline What is Black Youth Helpline? Black Youth Helpline is a National Helpline for Canadian Youth […]

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