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Health Equity for Black Canadians

Unpacking the impact of anti-Black racism

Anti-Black racism and systemic oppression are the leading cause of health inequities for Black Canadians. Inequities exist within many systems such as police, education, employment, health, mental health, child welfare, and further government systems. These inequities have led to disproportionality and disparities for Black Canadians. Health inequities impact Black Canadians from birth to death, which lead to profound influence.

In September 2020, the Government of Canada Public Health published the document, Social Determinants and Health Inequities for Black Canadians.

As a parent, it is important to understand how systemic oppression and anti-Black racism may influence your children, yourselves, and your family. Critical awareness and analysis for your children and yourselves can help to de-personalize these experiences. You can also learn how to advocate for yourself and your child to ensure better, equitable outcomes.

You are never alone.

Contact us if you need support to advocate for yourself and your family. We are here to help.

Social Determinants and Health Inequities for Black Canadians

Review the website and article of health inequities.

How Kujenga addresses Health Inequities


Black youth experience discrimination (i.e., differential treatment), stereotypes (i.e., false beliefs about Black bodies), and racism (i.e., targeted systems designed to create barriers due to race) within schools from junior kindergarten to post secondary. As a parent, these experience can influence how you parent your child and your relationships with your child. Your child may internalize these experiences and begin to decrease their participation and engagement in school.

Suggested Tips:

  1. Contact Kujenga Family Outreach worker for individualized support and coaching.
  2. Enrol your child into group or individual programs to help build their self-esteem, confidence, and cultural and ethnic pride. Ifarada: Centre for Excellence hosts groups for youth ages 5 and up. Many organizations in the GTA also support Black youth. Contact us to learn more.
  3. Consider advocating for your child with the school administrator. We can assist you with the process.
  4. Document concerns your child or youth share with you about the school and the experiences they may have.
  5. Consider joining our Parenting Program to strengthen your skills and provide you strategies for managing your child’s experiences successfully.


While Kujenga Wellness Project is a small organization, we are committed to creating employment opportunities for Black people. In addition, we seek opportunities for Black individuals to share their experiences and knowledge within our community.

To learn more about employment opportunities in your community, see our post:

Empower and support your youth to achieve their best outcomes for education and employment. There are many youth programs available to support youth accomplish their goals. Consider our initiatives:

Upcoming Initiatives

OSAP/ Scholarship Loan Webinar… helping youth prepare for post secondary studies and success in their employment. Learn how to complete the OSAP, bank loan and scholarships to fund education. Learn how to deduct school fees and materials on your taxes.

Guidance Support Initiatives… not sure how to choose the best career for work or what school program to consider. Join guidance support drop-ins to meet with and consult with adult mentors in the field.

Learn more

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