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Support Groups

We are proud to offer a collection of support groups designed to provide a safe place for women, men, parents, caregivers, and guardians to grow, learn and connect. Our groups are facilitated by a Psychotherapist/ Social Worker or Child in Youth Care Worker who specializes in using an anti-oppressive and holistic framework to healing. To Learn more, or Register contact

Kujenga (to build) Restoration: Co-parenting support group. This group is helpful for separated or divorced parents, sole parents, guardians, kin parents, foster and adoptive parents.


Need just a quick refresher? Join us for workshops on multiple topics that may provide you information and resources to better support you and your family. Register for these workshops on Eventbrite or check our calendar for Upcoming Events.

Men’s Talk is a support group for men, fathers, and father-figures to talk, share, and explore issues that influence men the most.

We may enter our lives alone, but we are in this together. It takes a village to raise a child, and a village to support us raising the child.

Nicole Perryman

Queen’s Unitea women’s support group to build in healthy relationships, sense of self and identity, and more.

“Not ready for the “camera” or “in-person” session”

Consult with our Family Outreach Team for individual support and guidance in your family and within your life.

Learn about community resources that may be helpful for you.

Review our Blog for information and articles that we are constantly building to improve your understanding and awareness of key issues.

Kujali Family Support Line Feedback Results

The Kujali Black Family Support Line officially began in March 2021. The line is offered to individuals and families seeking support in addressing challenges in their families and within the system. The Line offers: 1. Supportive Counselling, 2. Peer to Peer Mentoring, 3. Resource Navigation. The line staff offer a culturally-informed approach that focuses on […]

Faith-Based Practices: Eid

The arabic word “Eid” means festival , feast or holiday.  There are two major Eids in Islamic Calendar per year. One is Eid al- Fitr and the other one is Eid al- Adha. Eid al Fitr  is celebrated after the month of Ramadan. Muslim fast for 29 days during Ramadan or 30 days depending on […]

Supporting Newcomers

New immigrants are those people who migrate to other countries for better life opportunities. We want to highlight some of the issues that new immigrants face when they move to a new country. There are many organizations in Ontario who help newcomers such as welcome centres, OCASI, newcomer women services etc. Our mission is to […]


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