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Understanding the I.E.P

An Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is a legal document created to support a student’s learning within the school. In this short webinar, educator Lisa McGregor reviews the importance of the IEP and how parents can advocate for their children and youth.

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Join us for our first Parenting Workshop, held September 30, 2020 at 7: 00 pm- 9: 00 pm.

Education System & Child Care Articles

Let’s Talk Cafe: for Parents

Raising children and family is not an exact science. The role of parents and caregivers can experience challenges, and difficulties. However, raising children within a culture embedded with systemic racism and intergenerational trauma can create an added layer of challenge. If you are interested in receiving support from our program, contact us: In our 4th […]

Family-Centered Practice

Youth Services Youth Services: Website: Phone: Address: Services Offered: Kinark Child and Family Services   (Central Intake) 1.888.454.6275   Head Office: 500 Hood Road, Suite 200Markham ON L3R 9Z31-800-230-8533     Kinark is a leading provider of services and supports for children and youth with complex needs and their families. Services are provided […]

Supporting Black Fatherhood

It came from history…. Historically, Black fathers played a central role to provide and protect their family, and their community. Black Fathers actively participated the nurturing of children which included their own as well as others. They held gatherings for men and boys to discuss hardships. Fatherhood was seen as a community responsibility. The inequality, […]

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