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Let’s Talk Cafe: For Men

On August 30, 2020, we went LIVE with Toronto Speaker, Success Coach and Writer, Danny Stone to begin to discuss the needs of Black men within our community. We explored HOT topics such as:

  • Black men and relationships- The importance of healthy communication and emotional vulnerability
  • Black men and the criminal justice system, which also included policing and protecting your Black son on over policing, carding and racial profiling.
  • Community-based interventions with Black youth
  • Exploring the impact on anti-Black racism, and raising our Black sons, and Black men’s mobility through employment, education, and their careers.

Join us as we meet to discuss with you, our community members, for our weekly: Let’s Talk Cafe: for Men on Wednesday, September 2 at 7: 30 pm.

If you missed our riveting discussions, see Part 1 and 2 on our Instagram page:

Let’s Talk Live: featuring Danny Stone

Pt. 2, Responding to your questions and final thoughts

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