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Let’s Talk Cafe: Open Discussions

In August 2020, we started a series called, “Let’s Talk Virtual Cafe”. The Talk is partially a focus group designed to learn more from the community about what is needed for family interventions and second, to create a safe space to start the conversations on Mental Health, Women, Masculinity, Parenting, LGBTQ community & more. To join one of our Cafe’s register on Event Brite:

Each week we will post highlights of our discussions & feedback from the community.

Let’s Talk Cafe: Instagram Live… Black people & Mental Health

This segment was hosted by Tasia Richards, our Core Manager who interviewed Seana Broderick, Mental Health Practitioner.

Let’s Talk Cafe: for Women

We recently explored with women, what are the key themes and experiences which impact their daily lives, their families and their communities. Our discussion supported the need for safe places to explore and discuss our experiences in a supportive and validating environment. We hosted a passionate group of 17 women who joined our first chat.

Our discussion highlighted the struggles Black women experience in their daily lives, and their wellness practices that help them to cope and manage with the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual toll on their bodies. Many women shared the need for deep breathing exercises, yoga, walks, music, spending time with close people, watching television, writing, faith and other ways to create a sense of peace & joy within their experiences.

If you would like to also share your experiences, complete our survey on:

Can’t Attend the Let’s Talk Cafe’s? Complete our Survey to share your perspectives and contribute to the Project:

What to Learn More?

Visit our About Us page to learn more about our initiatives and consider becoming involved with the Project. Our success depends on you, and we look forward to working together.

What We Do

Kujenga Family Wellness Project is sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Carea Community Health Center. The project is geared to providing support services to Black individuals: caregivers, parents, children, youth, families, and adults. The support services include: support groups for parents, youth, and adults. A resource navigation system to support parents and individuals seeking […]

Write for Us

Have a story for us? A creative idea? Want to share your insight? In building community, we strive to hear from you about your ideas, your creative writing, and businesses that support Black community members. We are based primarily in Durham Region, but are accepting articles and resources for all of Ontario. Presenting skills?? We […]

Contact Us

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has funded the Kujenga Wellness Project. We are actively seeking to help families facing conflict and trauma to heal and strengthen their relationships. If you are seeking support in your life or in your family, we are here to help! Learn more about what we offer and contact us at: […]

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