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In search of health equity

Black people experience health disparities in Canada, and internationally. This can mean that Black people:

  • experience barriers to access health care
  • experience maltreatment and dismissive behavior by physicians and health care professionals
  • experience misdiagnosis and do not receive necessary tests
  • have higher rates of diseases and remaining unwell before a proper diagnosis
  • higher rates of death and lower life expectancy.

This disparity does not tell us that Black people live unhealthy lifestyles that are leading to death. It tells us that due to systemic racism, anti-Black racism, and discrimination, Black people are treated inequitably and this is impacting their health.

Many Black men and women have shared some of their specific experiences with health professionals in Ontario and throughout the country: These experiences have led to feelings of unworthiness, helplessness, isolation, shame, and hopelessness. These feelings can further have an impact on mental health, and correlates with further feelings of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

In searching for supports available, we located the following resources:

Information Resources

This website lists resources for current physicians, medical students, and new graduates. There is a list physicians available in their roster, and information on their practice focus currently in Ontario.

This is an American-based website that provides articles, research and information on multiple health and wellness experiences and challenges for Black community members. The site addresses a range of diseases and health practice that can become a good resource for Black individuals

Community Health Centers

There are a range of community health centers that specialize in health equity and physical health. These organizations employ physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals. They focus on understanding individuals in a holistic approach, and gives consideration for both prevention of diseases and proper intervention.

Articles & Research Papers

  • Systemic Racism in Endometriosis Health Care– Many Black women experience the painful medical challenge with endometriosis, but also experience disparities in treatment and care. This article also provides information on support groups available for women who are diagnosed with endometriosis.
  • Radiant Health Magazine– is an African health magazine covering topics that pertain in the community.

Our Blog

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Towards Equity Practice in Ontario

“What determines oppression is when a person is blocked from opportunities to self-development, is excluded from the full participation in society, does not have certain rights that the dominant group takes for granted, or is assigned a second-class citizenship, not because of individual talent, merit, or failure, but because of his or her membership in […]

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