Kujenga Wellness

Empowering Youth

Our young people bring so much promise and passion to our world. It is such a time of life for all of us, and emerging youth. But it is also a precious time. With statistics such as 1 in 5 youth struggle with mental health difficulties, and more than 30 % of youth use or have used substance use. It is definitely a promising time and a scary time. For Black youth, they can also experience systemic oppression and anti-Black racism which can derail their outcomes and create significant barriers to their success. Thus, the need to both empower our youth and to create systemic change is imperative to bring success.

Organizations and service providers who service youth have developed strategies to support and empower youth. These all vary for youth. We know that youth respond well when key areas of their life are well supported.

Strategies for Supporting Youth

Engaging youth is about establishing and maintaining relationships, building resiliency, and creating space for advocacy. Learn more

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